THE POWER OF HOPE: Overcome Life Challenges With Hope

Learn how to overcome life challenges with Hope.

Have you given up on life? Do you feel there is no way out of your current circumstances? Do you feel stuck in life? 

Today I am sharing with you a conversation I had with Christian Psychotherapist Aba Cato-Andah who shared how you can overcome life obstacles and challenges using hope.


[5:48] How Hope translates to a better life. Hope is the belief and the desire that my future will be better than my past and that I have a role to play to create a better future.

[8:24] The whole point about life is to be at a place where we have Rising Hope. Hope should not be stagnant. One has to be at a place in life where they are always increasing hope while building resilience.

[9:37] Now is the time to remind ourselves to look to increase our level of hope to have Rising Hope. This is where self-care becomes very important.

[10:57] Three elements of hope. 1. Have a vision. 2. Set Goals along with strategies to achieve them. 3. Create the motivation and energy to employ that strategy.

[13:00] Hope is the foundation. In the end this three remain, Hope, Faith, and Love.

[14:23] How Hope influences our stress levels positively. Hope helps us to reevaluate ourselves to know that it is still possible.

[18:22] A hope mindset says I am not a failure no matter the missteps.

[20:57] There is Hope for the woman out there going through challenging times. When life is overwhelming, take it one day at a time and just do the next right thing.

[26:47] Acknowledge how you are feeling, seek help by talking to somebody, do the next right to get to a place of Rising Hope so that your future will be better than your past.

[27:42] You can be an awesome woman when you seek help.


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