Understand Mom Guilt and How you can overcome it.

Do you feel like a fraud? Do you feel you have failed as a mom? Do you feel you are not living up to the standards that your culture has set for you as a woman? 

In this video, I explain mom guilt, why we have it and how we can overcome mom guilt using Self Compassion.

Show Highlights

[2:29] Some mums have mom guilt because they have to leave their children for work or they feel like they are not living up to traditional standards set for us.

[3:14] Many mums overstretch themselves to reach a certain target and therefore they feel stressed

[4:45] The importance of self-care to help mums not to overstretch themselves.

[6:30] Give yourself a lot of self-compassion to overcome mom guilt.

[9:01] Let us give ourselves a lot of self-love and focus on our unique circumstances and how we a using our resources to live life.

[11:48] Acknowledge it when you start feeling guilty as a mum.




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Ama Brew

Ama Brew is a Best Selling Author, an ICF Credentialed Coach & a Key Note Speaker. Combining her B.A. in Psychology, Masters degree in Organizational Leadership & Human Resources, ICF Coach training and personal experience, Ama delivers a personalized coaching experience to help her clients gain more control in their lives, achieve balance, and design the lives they were meant to live: productive, purposeful, fulfilled & free from what’s held them back.