Five Opportunities in the Covid-19 Pandemic

In this article, I discuss five opportunities in the Covid-19 pandemic every woman should maximize.

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic is unprecedented. Many people have died. Many are sick. Many have suffered a loss of income and property. People are in isolation to protect themselves from the lurking Covid-19 virus. In every situation, there is the dark side and the brighter side. Media images are causing a lot of fear. But, it is good for us to focus on the positives too.

Below are five opportunities in the Covid-19 pandemic you can use to your advantage as a woman.

Opportunity to Reset Your Life

The first opportunity in the Covid-19 pandemic is the chance to reset your life and have a fresh start. This is the time to reflect and check your life. Think about where you were two years ago, where you are now and where you are heading. Check what is working and what is not. How will life end up another year from now if you keep doing the same things?

Use this period of isolation  to reconsider your life and set new goals and plan for a fresh start. At the end of the day, when lock-down is over and cities are open again, what will be your next move? Create a plan of action for your fresh start now so you will be good to go when your town opens back up.        

Opportunity to Connect With People

The second opportunity in the covid-19 pandemic is reconnecting and connecting with people. Physical Lock-down does not mean emotional and social lock-down. Sometimes, I wonder how life would be if we didn’t have the internet and cell phones. We have the opportunity of virtual connections. You may be feeling isolated because you are not maximizing the resource of virtual connection.

Reach out to your loved ones who are far away. Set up video calls if possible or phone calls. Spend time catching up. I’m sure when life was so busy you always said you were too busy to reach out to people. You have the chance now that you are complaining about feeling lonely. Make the move first if no one is reaching out to you.

Opportunity to Rest & Relax

The third opportunity in the Covid-19 pandemic is the chance to rest and replenish yourself. You may have been temporarily laid-off or been working from home. You don’t have the usual commute. Therefore, use this time and find ways to chip in little bits and pieces of self-care and rest. You remember when you were complaining that you are too busy and need a vacation. View this period of social distancing as a staycation. And find ways to relax and take care of you. My blog, 4 Simple Secrets To Self-Care will give you more self care strategies.

Opportunity to Learn Something New

The fourth opportunity in the covid-19 pandemic is the chance to learn something new. This could be a hobby or a new skill. There are many workshops popping up online and webinars too. So use this as an opportunity to learn that new thing you always wanted to learn but always said you were too busy.

Opportunity to Serve & Volunteer

The fifth opportunity in the covid-19 pandemic is the chance to volunteer your time, energy and resources. If you find yourself bored, how about volunteering some of your time or energy. If you offered a paid service before the pandemic, make special discounted offers or  free offers as a way to give back. This way you can be engaged and also get connected with potential future clients. Also, if there are any opportunities for volunteering in your local community, take that up to keep you occupied

In Conclusion

The five opportunities in the Covid-19 pandemic every woman should maximize are the:

  1. Opportunity to Reset Your Life
  2. Opportunity to Connect With People
  3. Opportunity to Rest & Relax
  4. Opportunity to Learn Something New
  5. Opportunity to Serve & Volunteer

 You can maximize these five opportunities in the Covid-19 pandemic so you can start looking at the brighter side of these times of uncertainty.

Call To Action

If you need help incorporating some of these opportunities in your life, I am happy to connect with you. Book your free strategy session with me. In this session we will discuss your current situation, and what you hope to achieve. We will discuss the possible actions we can put in place to get you on the path to achieving your desired goals. Book your free session at


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Ama Brew

Ama Brew

Ama Brew is a Best Selling Author, a Life Balance Strategist, a Certified Wellness Coach and a Certified Women Empowerment Coach. Combining her B.A. in Psychology, Masters degree in Organizational Leadership & Human Resources, ICF Coach training and personal experience, Ama delivers a personalized coaching experience to help her clients gain more control in their lives, achieve balance, and design the lives they were meant to live: productive, purposeful, fulfilled & free from what’s held them back.