In this blog, I talk about 6 secrets to pursuing your dreams as a mom and using your God-given talents so you can be more fulfilled.

One of my clients opened up to me once about her thought patterns. She told me about how she loves her kids and loves spending time with them. But she still felt unfulfilled even though she gives her all to her kids. She was devastated and was wondering what was missing in her life. 

After exploring what was going on with her, it turned out she felt unfulfilled because she has certain talents, gifting and dreams laying dormant in her that she secretly wished she could pursue but was feeling guilty about those thoughts.

Alot of moms secretly ask themselves if they can still pursue their dreams after having kids and deciding to become full time moms. I have also been in this situation before. After taking time off to concentrate on my kids for a couple of years, I felt happy  about how well they were doing and how far they had come. But there was still a vacuum in me and a sense of emptiness in me that I could not pinpoint why. 

God given dreams and purposes are divine and I believe every woman was made for a purpose and dream. God has put in us talents and gifts. For some it may be in creative arts, for some it may be spots, for others it may be intellectual, and the list goes on and on. These talents and gifts lay dormant in us when we do not use them. If we develop them and continue to use them, we get better at them and they become an advantage for us.

A Lot of us had dreams as little girls before we became moms. The question is, do we throw away our talents and dreams just because we are moms?

Some women are fulfilled with having their kids and focusing on their kids for the rest of their lives. However, other women still have a secret yearning in them to do something with their dreams and talents even after having kids. This secret yearning is not bad. A Lot of these women feel lost and unfulfilled. This yearning can be harnessed into great victories if handled the right way. 

Below are 6 secrets to pursuing your dreams and using your God giving talents as a mom.

1. Get Rid of the Guilt you Feel About Your Dreams.

 You’re not a bad mom for wanting to pursue your dreams. You have that drive in you because God has a purpose for your life and wants to use your talents to His glory. Know that God has put these talents and gifts in you and He expects you to use them to become fruitful. You are fruitful as a mom for birthing your wonderful kids. However, in your own small way you need to be fruitful with what God has given you.

Therefore, don’t allow guilt to overcome you for dreaming and wanting to do other things aside from being a mom. This is the first secret to pursuing your dreams and using your God given talents as a mom.

2. See Motherhood as a Transition

The second secret to pursuing your dreams and using your talents as a mom is to see motherhood as a transition. A Lot of women see motherhood as a destination. But if you are like me who believes God is leading you to use your talents and gifting in pursuit of a dream, you need to see motherhood as a transition.

Your kids may be little now but a time will come when they will start school, complete high school and move out of your house to start their lives. That is when it will become evident that motherhood was indeed just a transition for you. In view of that, don’t cut your dreams because you are a mother now. See this new phase of your life as a transition that will pass. Hold on to your dreams.

Don’t stop dreaming. You  are only in transition. You have only paused for a little bit and will get back to it. Write your dreams down. Motherhood is not your destination but the beginning of your journey to greater things. So don’t stop dreaming

3. See Your Dream as a Seed

Your dream is a seed in your hand that needs to be planted and watered to grow into a great tree. Your seed can be planted now and watered bit by bit by making time for it. You may not be able to invest a lot of time and energy into making that seed grow. But you can do a little at a time by setting little goals.

It’s true that your kids and family are your priority now. but chipping in a little bit at a time will in the long term allow your seed to grow. Make big dreams and plans but start small. This is a very important secret to pursuing your dreams and using your God-given talents as a mom.

With this understanding, switch your approach. Work around your new life as a mom. You don’t have to do it all now. Don’t go with the all or nothing approach. Rather go with the idea that your kids are priority now but you are making time to do things on the side just for your fulfillment.

You will realize that the little time and effort you invest in your dreams and talents, will make you fulfilled until you are able to make more time or pursue your dreams full time. This is one important secret to pursuing your dreams as a mom.

4. Make Use of Your Down Time

The fourth secret to pursuing your dreams as a mom and using your God-Given talents is to make use of down time. A Lot of the clients I work with usually complain about not having time. Usually after we go over their weekly schedules, they realize that they have a lot of subtle time wasters on their schedule. 

Pursuing your dreams does not necessarily mean allocating a big chunk of time in your day for dreams and neglecting the well being of your kids. Check your schedule and look for the little down times you may be overlooking. It could be nap time; or after the kids go to sleep; or the 20 minutes you spend on social media trolling people who are living their dreams; or thirty  minutes before your kids wake up.

 The goal is to find time in your day that can be allocated to this dream without affecting your kids and other duties that you may have. My article on 4 simple secrets to self care goes into more detail about how to make time for you as a mom.

5. Share your Dream With a Family Focused Accountability Partner

The fifth secret to pursuing your dreams and using your God-Given talents as a mom is to share your dreams and goals with an accountability partner who is family focused. Such a person could be your life coach, counselor, religious leaders, to mention but a few. 

This person can motivate you and help you in planning things out so you can make time for yourself whilst caring for your kids. Accountability partners also keep you in check and motivate you to keep moving forward.

6. Don't Lose Focus of Your Priorities

In your bid to pursue your dreams, do not lose focus of your priorities. Yes pursue your dreams but not at the expense of the well-being and safety of your kids. God gave these kids to you and it is your responsibility to make sure they are properly cared for and are safe.

When you make a move to pursue your dreams and use your talents,  do so with precaution ensuring that your kids are not neglected. Make sure you do not become single focused on your dreams. Continue to pursue a balanced focused point of view so that your kids do not suffer as a result of your dreams. 

And if you realize your dream will affect your kids well-being, maybe it may not be the right time yet. You could continue to research and do the necessary preparations for your dream and I know for sure when the right time comes, you will definitely have the conviction.

In Conclusion

Pursuing your dreams and using your talents is possible as a mom if done properly. I am a big testimony to this. As a mom to three kids who have had some health challenges, I am still able to pursue my dreams through Empowered for Balance. And there is a certain level of fulfillment I feel when I use my God-given talents in the smallest way possible to make an impact in my society.

If i can do it, you can do so too by following these six secrets to pursuing your dreams as a mom and using your God-given talents:

  1. Get rid of the guilt you feel about your dreams .
  2. See motherhood as a transition
  3. See your dream as a seed
  4. Make use of your down time
  5. Share your dream with a family focused  accountability partner 
  6. Don’t lose focus of your priorities


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