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helping overwhelmed Moms shift from burnout to balance

You can Refuel, Replenish, Revive, Restore, Rediscover & Reclaim your life and become more fulfilled, purposeful, productive & confident –  even if you think you’re too busy or overwhelmed

Does This Sound Familiar?

  • You’re tired, confused, drained, overwhelmed, feel stuck, burnt out, not fulfilled & empty.
  • You don’t have time for yourself – much less self-care.
  • You’ve tried every work-life balance solution, motherhood tips/education & even working on your relationship.
  • You feel like you are failing but you’re afraid to admit it or openly seek out help.
  • You know you can’t ignore it anymore – your facade/walls are starting to crash & you can’t keep up anymore.
  • You’re in constant stress & turmoil and it’s affecting your physical health, mental health, your moods, and sleep.
  • You Feel you’re not giving your best to your kids.
  • You still want to pursue your dreams & live a more purposeful and fulfilling life – but you feel stuck in your situation.

Meet Ama...

I’m Ama Brew, a Life Balance Strategist, a Bestselling Author & a Keynote Speaker.
A few years back, my goal of matching up to the image of the perfect woman (Proverbs 31 woman) left me stuck in an endless cycle of stress, burnout and unfulfillment as I struggled with living up to my roles as a mom, wife, employee and business owner.
After years of trying to figure out the root cause of my struggles, I found my way back to a more balanced, fulfilled,  productive & purposeful life and I am now on a mission to help other struggling moms find balance in their lives. I founded and developed Empowered for Balance for this purpose. 
Combining my B.A. in Psychology, M.Sc. Organizational Leadership with a concentration in  Human Resources Management, ICF Coach training and personal experience, I work with busy moms of Faith who are spinning multiple plates and are looking to reclaim their lives from endless cycles of stress, burnout, overwhelm, unfulfillment and burnout.

I help my clients gain more control in their lives, achieve balance, and design the lives they were meant to live: productive, purposeful, fulfilled & free from what’s held them back.

A woman can be making an impact In society, have a family & be empowered...if she has balance

The more you push harder to get control & do better, the faster things spiral out of control and you end up in burnout.  

The “Superwoman Syndrome” is not the answer to having it all!

Achieving true balance is possible when you learn how to reset your priorities, use the right tools, and set the right goals.

You don’t have time to waste on ineffective solutions or surface-level “quick fixes”...

My approach is different because I’ve been in your shoes & have achieved the balance & fulfillment you’re looking for.  I know what it really takes & I’m a Mom of twins – so I’ve overcome a lot of major challenges to get here!

I use a unique set of 4 Keys paired with Biblical principles, life coaching tools & techniques to go deeper than the typical surface level tips & helpful advice.  I also apply practical & actionable steps to help you unlock from the repetitive cycles you’ve been stuck in. 

The 4 critical Keys for Achieving lasting balance & fulfillment:





What Clients Say

If You Constantly Feel tired, Drained & Empty, i can help you find The solution to your challenges...

You’ve read all the books, joined all the groups and subscribed to every blog but these “quick fix” answers aren’t working.  You need a more serious solution before life comes crashing down all-around you.

If you’re ready to wake up refreshed and ready to face your day, here’s how I can help you:

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Here's What Will Change For You After working with Me:

  • Shift from Burnout to Balance
  • Create a sustainable and actionable self care plan so you can say goodbye to stress and burnout for good
  • Make time for yourself by changing your self-value mindset
  • Practice holistic self care tending to your physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, and social needs
  • Increase Productivity And Start Living On Purpose!
  • Set the best boundaries for you
  • Overcome Superwoman Syndrome
  • Say ‘NO’ when you need to
  • Say ‘YES’ to a life filled with energy, passion, and purpose

We will work together to transform your life & equip you with knowledge, tools & resources so you know exactly how to keep your life in balance.

I can help you find the time you need to reclaim your life, achieve balance, increase inner fulfillment and start living on purpose

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